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Brandon + Tina – oh happy day!

Another wedding to mark off the list – my pretty couple of Brandon and Tina! What love they have for each other – and thanks for making me a part of your day!

Location: Rusty Pelican, Tampa, FL

Make-up/Hair: Julissa Mercado, Beauty Brought Out

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Becky + Kevin

So with all of the holidays, print orders and such, my blogging got a little behind – no fear – if you are my friend on the swonderful Facebook, this is all old news to you. And you can happily friend me on Facebook under BeckyJohnsonStudios. So my first contestants on PICS WITH BECKY, is the cutie pie couple of Becky & Kevin. The funny story in this wedding, was the simple fact that there were 3 of us Beckys and we all played an important role – Becky me, Becky bride and Becky Maid of Honor. Yeah, a bit confusing, but funny all the same. So here are just a few from their wedding.

Venues – Don Vicente Inn / Lion’s Eye – Ybor

Planner – Amber Patricio, Event Design

Invites/Paper Product – Andrea McMahon, Paper Presence













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What’s Vintage-Contemporary-Fusion Photography?

You may have noticed my style and branding heading in a certain direction. And I may have found a home in my new description – Vintage-Contemporary-Fusion photography. So what is it?

I see other photographer’s work all the time. There are many good ones, many new ones and I think the hardest part for someone searching for a photographer, is to figure out what kind of photographic style¬† they want. It gets very confusing with so much to consider. There are many names that bounce around – Traditional, Photojournalistic, Fashion, Editorial, etc. But what does all of this mean?

Vintage – I noticed that as I shot and processed my images, I was pulled towards a more vintage look. Not necessarily the vintage of the 1920’s and 1930’s – though I do have a taste for that as well – but the coloring of old 1950’s, ’60’s and ’70’s film as it aged. Though it has a bit of a “cross-processed” feel, it is more of an aged look. My composition has roughly stayed the same, but the subject and state of the subject have changed. I sometimes have my couples give me a straightforward look, not worrying about posing details, rather that they stand naturally and in a state of almost disregard that I am photographing them.

Contemporary – How do you mix contemporary with vintage? They seem to contradict each other. Well, with most of the vintage being in the process, the contemporary lies mostly in the composition. Off center and very off center, unusual vantage points, sometimes having a little bit of an abstract feel, unusual objects, unusual framing, varying depths, simplicity one minute, busy the next. My feelings of contemporary are what I deem out of the ordinary and always changing. Just like the meaning of contemporary, with the changing of times, my art changes.

And there in lies the Fusion – a blend of two worlds that are seemingly un”blend”able.

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Would you like a little edit?

As I am grinding through my edits this week, I get to pause from time to time and actually do other things. Like go run an errand only to be thinking about editing and then buy something edit related. JoAnn’s Fabrics was one of my targets this week, and I stumbled on an awesome sale in the scrapbook aisle. Books and books marked 50% off that contained amazing cardstock embellished with the best textures I have seen! Of course, I had to pick up a few. My intent was to scan or photograph them each and then use them in a few choice edits – which I did – which illicited the craziest look from my husband. And then I used a few on my wedding images I am currently finishing up. Here is one from that batch!! Enjoy!


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Phun with Photographers (and models)

I know many of you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, but let me add to the saturation of my presence on the web! <joke> Among all of my daily office duties, post production and paid shoots, a group of us “visually enhanced” folks likes to gather in large numbers and bombard a group of unwitting females dressed in stunning gowns with our cameras. It helps keep me fresh, much like my bar of Dove.

Here are a few to share!

Stunning Bride

Diva Bride

Sullen Bride

Elevator Goddess Bride

Elevator Bride - Marriott Tampa

Water Bride

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